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Mo Cali Productions is a small business which is based in Kaduna City of         
Kaduna State, Nigeria. Currently we have two branches, one in Nigeria and     
one in the United States of America. Mo Cali Productions has a total of 30       
employees, with 15 in Nigeria, 5 in Europe, and 10 in the United States of        

Mo Cali Productions does not concentrate  on one particular service, as we     
strive to keep a wide variety of services for our customers. Some of these        
services include DJ Services for all types of events, Video Coverage, video     
editing, music video production, track recording, mixing and mastering,            
photography, stage set up and lighting, special effects, show promotions,        
and event management

We also have a wide variety of merchandise like clothing, shoes, belts, hats, and             
other items that may be in high demand associated with fashion and trends                      
worldwide. By having employees in several locations, this enables us to provide the         
latest fashions and trends to customers in Nigeria. Other items includes, accessories       
for computers and multimedia, such as flash drives, memory cards, hard drives, mp3       
players, and cell phone accessories, etc. The idea behind providing such diverse            
services and products is to ensure that our customers have come to the right place,        
meaning that there is something for everyone.

It all began with friends and family who wanted to show their support. This support           
implored more motivation, which has led us to where we are today and our vision to         
keep expanding. As of today we have a wide range of customers due to the diversity       
of the products and the high quality of services we offer.